Wii Power Management System is now Open Source!



My Wii PMS pcb files, code, and bill of materials is now available to download for free on my github! This is an all-in-one system for battery charging, battery protection, Wii custom regulators, and more. The parts can be ordered from digikey for just under $30 and the 4layer pcb can be acquired cheaply from JLCpcb, OSHpark, and others.

Portablizing has been plagued for years from inefficient buck regulators, expensive smart lithium-ion chargers, and poor quality Chinese battery charging pcbs. This pcb will solve many problems we faced previously while also having a more integrated user-interface.


4 buck regulators – 1v, 1.15v, 1.8v, and 3.3v
1 boost regulator – 5v
Battery management IC – seamless play and charge and battery protection
PIC microcontroller for enabling the regulators, programming the battery IC registers, reading battery statuses, thermal protection, and other tasks

hold down button for around 1 second to turn on and off. Tap button shortly to cycle through the led modes:
1. leds off
2. RGB fade
3. Battery monitor
4. Shipping mode (when it is turned off in this mode, it cannot be turned on until you plug in a charger)

It’s not perfect by any means but it is stable and has already been installed working in 3 portables. I would like to thank Aurelio for the answers to many questions I had over the past 2 years I’ve worked on this and also for the inspiration from his Powermii. I’d also like to thank Shank for helping me test it further on the Wiivision project.

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