The WiiVision

The WiiVision is a tribute to one of my favorite Gamecube portables, the Envision, made by Jonathon Shine in 2011.


Just so happens that the Envision was a tribute to one of his favorite N64 portables, The Sixty Free Lite-R made in 2009 by Sifuf.


The WiiVision was a collaboration with one of my buddies Shank. We started the project in 2017 but abandoned it for a while as we moved on to other projects. In January this year, I went down to Texas for a week to visit Shank and we planned to finish 2 WiiVisions. We didn’t finish either of them but we got close and finished it soon after I got back.


The build uses mostly off the shelf components so it’s simple to put together.


It uses my new Wii PMS pcb which I recently made open source.

The WiiVision is a solid portable. The use of original analog triggers is not something we often see in projects anymore but it is so worth it. I’m now working on a second WiiVision on commission. It’ll be almost the same but with some small improvements like using Joycon joysticks and a WiiHUD audio amplifier. It should be complete in a few weeks.


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