WiiBoy rev3 Progress


To prepare for getting the casing casted, I thought it would be a good idea to build up a functional prototype for testing. I’m starting to feel the WiiBoy magic.


Even though this model only uses 2 battery cells, there is not too much empty space. I even had to sand the USB drive down to fit.


Using only 2 battery cells also has its advantage that the Wii doesn’t have to be trimmed so small, improving the reliability.

Notice the small bead and blue wire on the Wii? It’s a temp sensor probe. I added thermal protection in the firmware which shuts the console down if the temperature rises above 75C. It shouldn’t ever get close to that in normal conditions but in the situation where the console accidentally turns on in a bag (or during shipping), it’ll prevent it from melting down.


But perhaps the greatest improvement from a small sacrifice of the battery size are the improved shoulder buttons. They are in the perfect spot when you hold it.

Well it looks like the WiiBoy is mostly done? Nope, this is just a thorough prototype. The real fun will begin soon..

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