Pictured above is all the PCBs for my new shiny WiiBoy I’ve been working on. I ordered them from JLCPCB (which has been a really great service so far). I used a solder template and placed the components by hand before using a hot air station to reflow it.

The most exciting pcb (in my opinion), is the one on the very top, it’s a USB-C Power Delivery and Data Multiplexer. In other words, it allows me to charge the batteries and use an internal usb drive all through the one USB-C port. I haven’t tested all the functions yet but I did successfully negotiate 15v out of a USB-C charger so I consider that success for now.


It’s a 4 layered PCB which I’ve had to do a few times now so I’m starting to get the hang of it.


Well the design is going great so far. Hopefully the testing of the PCBs will go smoothly. On track for an MGC release…

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