World’s Smallest N64 Portable

The record to build the world’s smallest N64 portable gripped my imagination since I was a young teenager just getting into portablizing. Each new record pushed the N64 motherboard to its limit of trimming advancements and case layout imagination. I’m proud to finally hold the record after all these years!

The trim I used is based on the Advanced N64 trim from the new Advanced N64 Trimming guide on Bitbuilt.

I cut it even smaller as close as possible to the required components. I trimmed off the cartridge connector and rewired the signals back to the RCP/CPU. Then I desoldered the RAM expansion slot and resoldered it at 90 degrees to make it as thin as possible. The motherboard could still be trimmed smaller however it would require rewiring many more sub-circuits and no space is gained as the limiting factor here is the cartridge and the 3.5″ screen. Using a cartridge emulator like the 64drive/ed64 would not help to make it smaller because the cartridge slot has smaller volume than increasing the thickness of the device with the new pcb.

Using a 1st party N64 controller and 2 microcontrollers for interfacing the Joycon joysticks. Pressing the left stick click is the N64 L button. Pressing the right stick click changes the left stick between analog and dpad mode. Sacrifices had to be made to fit it in such a small enclosure. The final volume is 270,863.87 millimeters cubed!

Oh yeah and the best part is that since I didn’t have any more N64 motherboards on hand to use, I ripped an N64 motherboard out of a broken Millsdj portable someone sent me and trimmed it again (the holder for the previous record).

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