N64 SP version 2!

The N64SP has made a come back and now with funtastic cases! I feel like this is something I’ve wanted to make since the beginning and finally funtastic cases are achievable.

The case is made by printing it in clear resin on a Form2 3D printer. After sanding it up to 1,000 grit, I painted it with Tamiya TS series clear paint. I’ve had the Form2 for about 2 years now but haven’t really used it much until now. I’m so glad I hung onto it.

The PCB now uses a real N64 controller IC with an FRAM chip for saving games. The battery management, system regulators, audio amp, and controller are all combined in one 2layer PCB.

The buttons were also printed on the Form2, then casted, and molded in dyed resin. This is an easier process as it is more repeatable rather then printing the buttons and painting them.

The trim features the PIF relocation which makes the board a good deal smaller. I used a custom PIF breakout PCB to facilitate the relocation. I plan to consolidate this all into a guide soon. I also swapped the 2 2MB RAM chips with 2 4MB chips for double the memory without the added size of the expansion pak. This build has pretty much everything you could ask for besides controller/video out which I still stand by is kind of gimmicky for these devices.

And would you look at that? An actual heatsink this time! Way to go!

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