Funny how I must be the last person to write an article on my own device! The N64 SP is finished, and I absolutely love it. 

I made an all-in-one PCB which includes the N64 power regulators, battery management, USBC PD charging capabilities, a digital N64 audio amp (from the previous article), and an N64 controller emulator (being developed by my friend Aurelio, he let me try it out). On the back side of the PCB are all the controller buttons and a connection for the 3DS joystick. This board really eliminates so many wires in the device. 


This is my favorite N64 cartridge slot in a portable. I get a lot of criticism about how the device is too thick. It’s not wrong, but half the thickness is the cartridge and being able to use real n64 cartridges is a fundamental part of my idea. 


A few years ago I hoarded several ultraVGA modchips from a limited time buy. I am finally able to use my first! The modchip turns the digital video from the n64 into super crisp VGA, it looks fabulous. With the digital audio and VGA used, this is one of the highest fidelity N64 experiences. This also means that the N64 on-board audio/video encoder is 100% bypassed, I am not even supplying power to it on my trimmed board. 


The case is fdm printed on my Prusa MK3. I think I will recase the electronics in a better case printed on my Form2 soon. Consider this unit like a first functional prototype, I’ve already made some edits to the model taking what I learned after building it. 


There’s more information in the build log: https://bitbuilt.net/forums/index.php?threads/gmans-mgc64-thing.3117/

and finished thread on Bitbuilt: https://bitbuilt.net/forums/index.php?threads/n64-sp-finished.3282/

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