BitBuilt store new products – September 2019

The USB-C PD Charging + Internal USB Drive: This pcb gives your portable the power of USB-C Power Delivery charging and the ability to transfer files to your portable all through the USB-C port. It’s an awesome feature that makes your portable one step closer to an official device. This board was specifically developed for the WiiBoy rev3 but now it is available for purchase for anyone to share in the greatness of USB-C.

It is slightly revised from my original design to be a little smaller and even has an integrated button which can be used for the portable’s power button.

N64PMS brings the assets of the WiiPMS circuit: 3.3v and 5v custom regulators, battery charging with dynamic play/charge, and a push button with RGB led interface to the N64. The N64 is one of the oldest consoles we’ve portablized but for over a decade it has only been done using the PTH08080 regulators. This board can bring the N64 portables into the modern age of portablizing.

September was a huge month for the Bitbuilt store and we’ve got even bigger things planned for October.


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