Improving the “Improved PS2 Portable”

One of the reasons why I don’t do many completely unique commissions anywhere is because sticking with the same design gives you the opportunity to make iterations and really fine tune your design into a solid product.

About a year ago I came out with my “flagship” PS2 portable for commissions. Since then, I’ve built several of them and I am now starting my 3rd iteration of the design for my latest commission.

Most of the changes are minor internal changes for mechanical strength like the new screw posts. The previous models used screw pegs that extrude from the top half of the device all the way to the back of the device. I’ve changed it for a buried screw type post. The post uses the strength of the case instead of relying on a tall screw peg that can snap in half if over tightened. ps2screw

Looking at the front half of the assembly, everything is now mounted with screws which are far cleaner and less likely to fail than various glues. There is simplicity in a build with no custom PCBs. I’m enjoying it while it’s still acceptable to do because it drastically decreases the development time and complexity. Besides, it is a tried method and very unlikely to fail without the additional electronics.


Finally, I have made one external aesthetic change, swapping the start/select controller buttons from the buttons from an actual PS2 controller. It gives it a more Sony vibe. Now it’s time to get building. There are a few more improvements to it but I’ll talk about those if I can have this one wrapped up in a few weeks.


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